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3 Ways to Land a Job During the Recession


During good times, there are plenty of jobs in the market and we often look for a job based on our dream fulfilment,  career milestone, or our life purposes. In uncertain times, however, we can still choose our jobs from this foundation.


But for those of us that need to get a job quickly due to financial needs, we may need to consider different job hunting approach. Below are some suggestions for you:


1. Leverage on your network. Take out your phonebook and search for your friends and previous colleagues, then send them WhatsApp messages to ask if anyone has an opening at their company.


2. Explore any jobs that nearby your geographical area.


3. Adjust your resume so that you are able to show to the potential employer that you are the best solution for the needs of that particular job.


These uncertain times will come to an end. Eventually we'll be able to look back on our choices because we stuck it out to the best of our abilities.