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Corbetts Consulting is one of the pioneer recruitment firms to deploy cutting-edge recruiting technology with matching algorithms; and our clients come to us with the confidence that we are able to bring them the best IT professionals in the market. With the help of recruiting technology that we have, we are able to identify the passive best-fit jobseekers more accurately. We have the scale to undertake remarkable projects yet providing a dedicated personal service experience to our clients. 


Aside from sourcing, our recruitment consultants build strong growing network with candidates so that we can help our clients to secure local top talents. We have a solid reputation for timely and accurate delivery of talented candidates with our extensive talent database.

Our consultants have the solid years of recruiting experience for various industries including, but not limited to, IT & technology, e-commerce, financial services, digital marketing, education, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing and as such.


In recognition of our excellent talent delivery in the past years, Corbetts Consulting is selected as the best recruitment agencies in Malaysia in 2020. And we have been featured in various sites that provide good rating to reputable recruitment firms. We will continue to deliver good quality of recruitment service to our clients to empower them in the business.


HR Payroll Outsourcing


Corbetts Services is committed to providing a cost-effective and compliant HR outsourcing service. We provide competitive pricing while maintaining the service quality. We make competitive pricing offering possible by automating some of service processes to increase our productivity, reduce needed manpower and bring down other costs with resource sharing methods.


Our outsourcing service helps your business to:

  • Free up time so that you can focus on your core business.
  • Minimise compliance and legislative risks.


Recently, we won the Top 3 Payroll Outsourcing Service provider by HR Vendors of the Year. Clients who have been with us over the years are happy with our service. Corbetts Services strongly emphasise on privacy and confidentiality, they will  make sure that your payroll data and information are well-protected at all times. We also believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, hence we are very flexible when it comes to tailoring the right solutions according to clients’ needs.






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